The aim of the Society is to encourage an appreciation of the Arts among its members and within the community. You do NOT need to know how to paint to join.



The Society meets at the Boilerhouse, Jacksons Hill, Sunbury every Friday and Saturday between 10.00am and 3.00pm. Saturdays members paint, swap ideas, attend a demonstration or workshop and generally enjoy companionship with people having a common interest.

Dabs and Dobs:

1.     Exhibition at the “Gee Lee-Wil Doleen Gallery Craigieburn August 9th to October 14th 2018.

In an attempt to gather as much exposure for the SAS, Ken has managed to get us on the list for the next exhibition at the new gallery in Craigieburn.

This is a ‘themed’ exhibition – the theme is ‘Shape, Texture and Form manmade and natural’.

We have committed to at least 30 works ( ideally 40 works), both 2D and 3D to hang/display for the exhibition.

There is a list in the art room for anyone willing and wishing to contribute/commit to providing work/s.

Documentation regarding exhibitor details can be found in the art room or see Ken.

Set up is scheduled for Monday August 8th, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th.

Opening Tuesday August 14th at 6 – 7:30pm.

Details are on the Hume City website:

General Membership:

The Society has a general membership of approx. 70 members. All members are encouraged to contribute to the activities of the Society whether on a committee, assistance with organization of the Art shows, putting up road signs, contributing to preparation of the syllabus, running workshops or demonstrating painting techniques - there is something for every member to be involved in.

The Society is always encouraging new membership. Prospective members are asked to attend for a number of weeks before making application to join in order to see how the Society is run and before they make any commitment.

Membership is subject to nomination and approval by the committee.


Ken Winnell President 0407 062 568

Noel Strawbridge Life Member 03 5428 7022

Boilerhouse Art Gallery

Building 20, Boilerhouse Art Gallery, Boilerhouse Road, Jacksons Hill, Sunbury, Victoria.

P.O. Box 731, Sunbury 3429.


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