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National Gallery Victoria St Kilda Road

Van Gogh and the Seasons until 9th July 2017

Van Gogh and the Seasons is presented within sections devoted to each of the four seasons.


The Artist's Palette by Margaret Shuck

She stands at her easel
Warmed by sunlight
And dabbles her brush
In her palette so bright
Squeezing her paint tubes
of various hues
She thoughtfully contemplates
Which colours to choose
Red, yellow, green
or cerulean blue
The  choices are endless
She hasn't a clue
A decision is made
She'll paint some nice flowers
She slaps on the paint
and is busy for hours
The flower fairly blossom
With colours most vibrant
Pigments glisten and glow
She has really run rampant
The canvas is covered
She stands back for a look
And dreams oh so fondly
Of a fatter bank book!

 Margaret Shuck (C) July 1977

© Copywrite Sunbury Art Society 2013