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William Smart

 A desire to draw and paint in/with watercolours has always been a part of me. From an early age encouragement to draw was given by an aunt whom we visited during the school holidays. Armed with pencil and paper, I sat on her back veranda and sketched an old “Cabbage” tree which grew at the bottom of her garden. I drew it many times but sadly none of these early efforts survive.  Neither did a fourth form effort at secondary college which was awarded a third prize.

In adult life I tried to further my Art education by reading books and magazines .It was the attendance at a CAE Melbourne workshop in 1998 conducted by Malcolm Beattie who showed me  techniques and explanations that so inspired me. An enlightened painter who was generous with his knowledge, I enjoyed studying with him at his studio for some three years.

My passion is to paint in water colour with a liking for seascapes, landscapes and cameos featuring Melbourne’s iconic “W class “tram. Those who know me well would probably say that the latter tends to be my favourite. I always have great aspirations for each painting I commence and sometimes stand back from the latest effort and feel a sense of achievement.

I joined the SAS in 2001 and received so much help and advice from existing members. They encouraged me to enter some paintings for the annual May show and what a buzz it was to see your own works on display. I sold my first painting in 2002, which included a tram, at an Art Show held in St Albans. What a thrill that was. I have continued to sell and one of my trams now resides in Dublin.

Helping and encouraging members of the society gives me added enjoyment.


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